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THS Advisory Committee Communiqué No. 1

The Government Temporary Help Services (THS) Advisory Committee, made up of federal government departments and temporary help suppliers, recognizes that temporary help workers are facing a significant drop in wages. The Committee will make it a priority to explore potential solutions that could address this issue. Any resultant solution will need to respect the interests and obligations of the Government, suppliers and workers.

The THS Advisory Committee reminds suppliers that in participating in the THS method of supply they are required to observe the THS Protocols and Standards, specifically the Code Of Ethics & Standards for THS Suppliers wherein they are " to observe the highest principles of integrity, professionalism and fair practice in dealing with Designated Users, candidates, employees."

It is important that all THS stakeholders use the current system appropriately. The THS Advisory Committee also reminds everyone that pursuant to the Protocol and Standards of the THS On-line System, " failure by the Designated User Department or by SO Holders/SA Suppliers to follow these protocol and standards could result in the Designated User being removed authority to use the method of supply or the SO Holder/SA Supplier being put aside for a period of time."

The THS Advisory Committee intends to issue further Communiqués as appropriate on this issue to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed.

The THS Advisory Committee
August 2010